Mick McCarville - MMcCarville@mccarville.com

Thanks to Numbrer 44, Mick McCarville, for following up on the idea to plan a 50th Reunion raised by Matt Darbyshire and Darwin Folden.  Whether Mick is better at tackling or passing will be determined by committee.  In the meantime, a few of us can report that Mick is good at huddling.


Dee (Jones) Lange - landee 1967@gmail.com

Dee Jones Lange has proven her leadership abilities in organizing communications.  Somebody has got to lead that band, and it may as well be someone who can high-step!


While Mick and Dee welcome any questions, suggestions or feedback, there are a good many others that are involved in the planning, as follows: 

Matt Darbyshire, Darwin Folden, Becky (Hughes) Rains, Maureen (Rafferty) Sorensen, Kitty (Gregg) Hammen, Cathy (Hughes) Caskey, Keith Sexton, Clint Thompson, Cindy (Hoyt) Peiffer, Neal Anderson, Denny Heinlen


...and the list will hopefully continue to grow!